NFL Live Stream Free Online

The popularity of the NFL can be easily understood when we found many people search for NFL Live Stream Online. NFL is beloved in America, and thanks to the many streaming options available, you don’t need to be near a television to watch your favorite team play. There are numerous streaming platforms authorized by the league that allows you to watch games straight from your laptop, smartphone, or a set-top box. The technique of watching NFL games is continually changing because the league is continuously signing contracts, and also streaming is always evolving.

How to Watch NFL Live Stream Free Online?

It is now prevalent to watch NFL games online. There are two ways of doing it; you can pay a subscription to stream, or you can stream for free depending on your service. The platform you can use to watch stream NFL games changes continually depending on the networks and the streaming platforms that have the rights to broadcast. 

Usually, NFL team game is aired in a particular region based on local popularity. You don’t require cable to be able to watch these games. If a game is being broadcasted in your local area, all you need is a digital antenna to be able to view it. You need to connect your digital antenna to your TV set, and it will tune to local channels of free and over-the-air networks like NBC, CBS, and Fox. A good antenna will cost you around $30 and will allow you to watch any NFL games for free.

How to Watch NFL Games for free of 2020-2021 Season?

The answer is yes, it is possible, there is 100 free NFL streaming site available but most of the illegal creepy service. I used the word “creepy ” because most of the free NFL streaming site is full of adware. Newbie users will face different problems if they use those sites without cautions.

But no worries, I am writing this post to sort out the free NFL streaming site problems. I will provide 10 best NFL Live Streaming Free Online site list and guide you on how to use those free streaming site safely.

Why many fans search for “Watch NFL Online Free Live streaming”?

This is a very interesting question for me as well. Why they search to watch NFL online free live streaming? They search because NFL subscription fees are not cheap.

Another reason is the Geo-restriction policy of the broadcaster. There are many other reasons like fans not interested to go to the stadium to watch NFL Game Live due to the time constrain. Also, all game is not available in all areas. 

Cable TV provider also provides regional coverage. That’s why most of the die-hard NFL fans search for NFL Live Stream Online service because most of the free NFL streaming online site does not have any Geo-restrictions.

Top 10 Legal Free NFL Streaming Sites

According to Digital Crunch, the best 10 free NFL streaming sites are:

1. NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is a reputable site for live streaming NFL games. It is the league’s official media company where you can watch NFL games in high definition. NFL Game Pass has a one-year free trial, and that is why we have included it in our list of free NFL streaming sites. It is compatible with most of the operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and android.

2. Fox Sports

Fox Sports offers not only free NFL streaming but also several other sports. You only required to link your TV provider at Fox Sports official site, and you are good to go. You will be able to enjoy Free NFL games in high-quality videos. It also allows you to watch NFL news and short NFL games.

3. NFL Webcast

NFL Webcast offers free and premium video quality NFL live streaming. It’s neither asks for credit card details nor registration fee. NFL Webcast link you to reputable NFL streaming sites like CBS and Fox Sports. You do not need to sign up or subscribe to anything.

4. WatchESPN

ESPN is a renowned sports channel worldwide. They pride themselves in serving their numerous fans, anytime and anywhere, and true to it, they have ensured that NFL fans are well taken care of. Fans can live stream NFL games from their website.

5. NBC Sports

This is yet another live streaming platform that offers NFL fans free high-quality videos. You only required to register to access your favorite NFL games.

6. Yahoo Sports app

Yahoo allows its subscribers to view free games both local and prime-time through their sports app. The Yahoo Sports app, available for both IOS and Android devices, has taken the place of Verizon NFL mobile app. Using this app, you can stream live every NFL game that your local TV broadcasts, straight to your mobile device or your tablet for free. They live stream both Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football. Moreover, you can also log in to your NFL Game Pass subscription and stream live NFL games from your yahoo app.

7. is another platform that allows you to watch NFL games online. It will enable you to stream local broadcast channels like NBC, Fox, and CBS for free. Of course, all of these channels are showcasing NFL games throughout the season without asking for a monthly fee or an upfront cost. At the moment, Locast is only present in 13 major American cities, and therefore it is not national. Still, it is an amazing deal for the people who are fortunate to be living in those areas. Locast offers free services, but they do urge their customers to make donations to help the company survive and thrive.

8. The NFL mobile app

The NFL mobile app also allows you to live stream NFL Games throughout the season, using your phone or a tablet. The app authorizes live streaming of the games being broadcasted in your local area and games that are being televised nationally on networks such as NBC. This app allows you to live stream NFL games that you would have otherwise have been able to watch on your TV with a digital antenna. However, you cannot use these apps to live stream these games on a smart TV or a laptop. They only work on smaller screens like phones.

9. Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is also offering its customers football games for free as well as NFL games being televised nationally like Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, the playoffs, and the Super Bowl. This is only available for mobile devices, and you will require the NFL mobile app to be able to stream these games.

10. Amazon Prime

Several NFL Networks are broadcasting Thursday Night Football, Amazon Prime Video (free for Prime subscribers), and Fox broadcast (also free if you have an antenna). With Amazon Prime, you can now live stream Thursday Night Football games. All you need to do is to sign in to your Amazon Prime account and then go to Prime Video, and you will be able to watch NFL games for free.

How to Watch NFL Live Stream Free Online on Reddit?

There are several places on Reddit that allows you to stream NFL games. The best place is r/nflstreams. This site has an up-to-date link to all the NFL games. There are free options as well as paid services.

Top illegal Free NFL Streaming sites

Before visiting the following site please remember that these sites may contain full of ads, spyware, adware. So visit this site with your own risk. I mentioned here as an option for my readers only. With proper attention can visit and watch NFL free online then go ahead.

My first choice for NFL online free streaming site is what is solely dedicate to NFL coverage. is fully dedicated to NFL game free streaming online. Every NFL game is listed week by week with free streaming links. Besides NFL live stream free online coverage listing, this site provides up-to-date NFL Standings.

Why I chose Streamnfl site for 1st position?

Site design is very lucrative and clean. The color combination of the site is also good. NFL fans would like the website design and layout. So I listed in top position.

Pros: Nice and clean design and fully dedicated for free NFL live online coverage only. Well organized week by week NFL schedule along with free NFL streaming link. Provide NFL Standings with updated information. Also, provide NFL Team by Team game schedule with time countdown features.

Cons: The website has multiple ads. They added premium NFL service ads link just above the free streaming link with a fake player image. That is very deceptive for first-time users.

It’s not a good idea for me to use both ads and 3rd party premium service link for NFL Coverage. I hope the site owner will consider removing either one. is another popular free streaming website including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Motor, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball and Other sports as well. This site receives a monthly 1.84M visit and half of the visitor coming from the USA and the UK.

1.84 million monthly visits are a huge number and anyone easily understands the site’s popularity. None stop and timely free streaming coverage of different sports make this site popular. Many NFL live stream free online streamers already using site form several years.

Why I chose Batmanstream for 2nd position ?

Batmanstream provides different sports free coverage for worldwide visitors. It is maintaining an accurate and very up-to-date schedule for all sports with links. The website design is clean and good looking as well.

Pros: Wide variety of sports free coverage along with the organized schedule. Several links added for every game. Live chat box available for visitors. Visitors can communicate with admin through the live chat option. Search bar available that will help to find the game easily. NFL live stream free online coverage lovers love this site.

Cons: Besides many good features there are several cons available. Firstly too many ads. Ads links and banners are placed very close to the free streaming link. So Most of the users got descriptive with those ads. Some times it takes a longer time to replace dead links.