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The 100th NFL season will start on 1st August 2019 with the Hall of Fame Week game between Denver Broncos vs Atlanta Falcons. The very first NFL preseason 2019 game will play between New York Jets vs New York Giants on Thursday, August 08th at MetLife Stadium. You will get NFL Live Stream Free Online site list here.

The NFL regular season first game schedule between Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears on September 5, 2019. So many NFL fan already starts searching “NFL Live Stream Free Online” keyword in the various web portal to find Free NFL Streaming site online.

The 100th NFL season will end with Super Bowl LIV game. The Super Bowl LIV live game will play between top two-team of the ladders., The Super Bowl LIV 2020 is scheduled for February 2, 2020. The venue of The Super Bowl LIV set to “Hard Rock Stadium” in Miami, Florida.

Why many fans search for NFL Live Stream Free Online?

This is a very interesting question for me as well. Why they search for NFL live stream for free online? They search because NFL subscription fees are not cheap.

Another reason is the Geo-restriction policy of the broadcaster. There are many other reasons like many fans not interested to go to the stadium to watch NFL Game Live due to the time constrain. Also, all game is not available in all areas.

Cable TV provider also provides a regional coverage. That’s why most of the die-hard NFL fans search for NFL Live Stream Online service because most of the free NFL streaming online site does not have any Geo-restrictions.

Is it possible to get 2019 Free Coverage of NFL Live Streaming Online?

The answer is yes, it is possible, there are 100 of 100 free NFL streaming site available but most of the illegal creepy service. I used the word “creepy ” because most of the free NFL streaming site is full of adware. Newbie users will face different problems if they use those site without cautions.

But no worries, I am writing this post to sort out the free NFL streaming site problems. I will provide 20 best NFL Live Streaming Free Online site list and guide you on how to use those free streaming site safely.

Before providing the NFL streaming live free sites, I want to write about NFL 2019-2020 season details. So, my dear NFL fans, you will find your all required information related to NFL 2019-2020 live streaming coverage with the full schedule from here.

NFL 2019-2020 Season Preseason Schedule:

NFL 2019-2020 Schedule

The 100th NFL preseason game is scheduled to start from 7th August 2019 to 29th August 2019. There are 64 preseason NFL game will play divided by 4-week schedule. In the preseason game, every team experiments with team players to find out the best combination for the regular season.

Every NFL preseason game is excited equally like NFL regular-season game. Because of the excitement of the NFL game, many NFL fans start search NFL Live Stream Free Online site.

Top Free Streaming site list for 2019-2020 NFL season

My first choice for nfl online free streaming site is what is sole dedicate for NFL coverage. is the site that is dedicated to NFL game free streaming online only. In this site, Every NFL game is listed week by week with free streaming links. Beside NFL live stream free online coverage listing. this site provides up-to-date NFL Standings.

Site design is very lucrative and clean. Color combination of the site also good. NFL fans would like the website design and layout. So I listed in top position because of it’s dedicated coverage of NFL live stream free online.

Why I chose Streamnfl site for 1st position?

Pros: Nice and clean design and fully dedicated for free NFL live online coverage only. Well organized week by week NFL schedule along with free NFL streaming link. Provide NFL Standings with updated information. Also, provide NFL Team by Team game schedule with time countdown features.

Cons: Website has multiple ads. They added premium NFL service ads link just above the free streaming link with a fake player image. That is very deceptive for first-time users.

It’s not a good idea to me to use both ads and 3rd party premium service link for NFL Coverage. I hope the site owner will consider removing either one.

Why I chose Batmanstream for 2nd position ? is another popular free streaming website including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Motor, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball and Other sports as well. This site receives monthly 1.84M visit and half of the visitor coming from USA and UK.

1.84 million monthly visits is a huge number and anyone easily understand the site popularity. None stop and timely free streaming coverage of different sports make this site popular. Many NFL live stream free online streamers already using site form several years.

Batmanstream provides different sports free coverage for worldwide visitors. It is maintaining an accurate and very up-to-date schedule for all sports with links. Website design is clean and good looking as well.

Pros: Wide variety of sports free coverage along with the organized schedule. Several links added for every game. Live chat box available for visitors. Visitors can communicate with admin through the live chat option. Search bar available that will help to find the game easily. NFL live stream free online coverage lover definitely love this site.

Cons: Besides many good features there are several cons available. Firstly too many ads. Ads links and banners are placed very close to the free streaming link. So Most of the users got descriptive with those ads. Some times it takes longer time to replace dead links.

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